With a professional team and our latest creative and technological advancements, we have the expertise, equipment and ideas that will help you realize the full potential of your project. Our singular goal is to create spectacular and flawless outputs using our solid resources.

  • Partnered with Annapurna Studios is Light Illusion, industry’s leading DI Consultant – to ensure that the best on-going services are provided to Annapurna’s Digital Intermediate clients.
  • The DI facility boasts of plush, comfortable grading suites consisting of high end Barco digital Projector with 4m screen, displaying guaranteed colour calibrated imagery, including Stereoscopic 3D capability, and high-fidelity surround-sound reproduction.

Annapurna Studios Digital Intermediate Facility

Committed to providing only the best and with a strong focus on the future, Annapurna Studios has invested in a high-end Digital Intermediate facility to cater to the needs of the Motion Picture, Television and Advertising industry. Our DI Projects include Bahubali, Eega, Rajanna, Oosaravelli, Dream among several others.

At the heart of the facility are the SGO Mistika 4K and Baselight 4.3 DI Systems, capable of real-time operation at all resolutions up to 4K and beyond, with native file support for both film scanned images, as well as the growing range of digital cinematography.


Mistika 4K Real-time Digital Intermediate

The Mistika 4K real-time DI system is the most advanced on-line finishing, graphics, effects and DI system available within the post-production industry.

Boasting of the most creative tool-set of any DI system, Mistika works real-time for all creative operations, with no rendering required for most processes. This means that any changes can be instantly reviewed in collaboration with the DoP, Director, Producer, ensuring the best possible result is always obtained.


Baselight 4.3 Colour grading

This advanced colour grading system features support for Multiple UI Monitors, Multiple gallery tabs for easy selection of shots and grades, idle time rendering to support immediate playback and several new Stereo 3D Tools and Matte Enhancements. It is complemented by India’s first Blackboard, a high precision hardware tool specifically designed to guarantee efficient, fast and accurate colour grading.


Film Scanning & Recording

With an emphasis on quality and creativity, the facility has installed a Cintel Ditto 4K film scanner, equipped with D/SCO optical restoration technology that takes care of dust and scratch removal within the scanner, generating the cleanest image possible. All film gates are available catering to films shot on 16mm, 35mm (3 perf. and 4 perf).
The industry standard, Arrilaser Recorder, has also been installed for high-speed and efficient recording


Our Editing department provides professional services to beautifully coalesce and edit your shots. Our editing softwares, Avid media composer and Final Cut Pro X provide 64-bit performance, advanced video editing tools and work with streamlined HD, file-based and stereo 3D workflows.



Our dubbing is installed in a spacious and private environment wherein the artist can completely immerse himself into character. Quality is guaranteed with the use of Pro-Tools 9.0.6, the industry standard for studio recording, editing and sound effect design.